Meet an Area Resident

Tom Zimmerman is a landscape architect with his office and home in Phoenix Arizona. He was born and raised in Traverse City, Michigan and moved to Phoenix in 1961 to pursue his profession in a climate more conducive to designing for year around outdoor living.

Tom, his wife, Angie, and two sons, Scott and Josh, became acquainted with Christopher Creek while visiting friends in 1974. They were intrigued by the history of the area, enjoyed exploring its natural beauty, and welcomed the convenience of a country store and good dining . It wasn’t long before they decided that someday they would like to own a cabin in this area.

Their wish came true in 1987 when they purchased an unfinished cabin which allowed them to create and implement the interior and exterior designs in phases as they saw fit.

Tom and Angie have always looked forward to coming to their cabin in Christopher Creek, but equally look forward to returning to their Phoenix residence. They planned and installed the interior and exterior designs there also and now feel they have two vacation homes.

Tom feels that his profession and a good share of his free time are one and the same by choice, and yes, he does throw in many other pleasures also.

Tom can be reached at his office phone (602-279-7448).

Jim Moffatt, architect and father of two, has been escaping to Rim Country since 1979.
Born in Los Angeles, Jim moved to Arizona in 1974 and began escaping to Rim Country in 1979.
Jim feels, “Christopher Creek is one of the few communities in AZ where one can own a cabin near a stream, fish, and walk to a country store and a restaurant. We have the best of all worlds here.”
He enjoys fly fishing and spending time with his family and the feeling that his kids are safe to roam here is Rim country. The Moffatts are looking foward to the rebuild of their Coffey lane cabin.
Jim can be reached at
or visit his website at

Peggy L. Seitz true passion has always been writing. Retirement afforded Peggy the opportunity and environment to concentrate on the lifelong dream of writing a novel Terror of Love was published December 2006. A second book is currently in process.

Born in Pennsylvania, Peggy and husband Bill have lived in several locations in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Colorado and moved to the Valley in 1976 and with the exception of an 8 year interruption for business, have lived in Arizona since. The Seitzs built their current home in Hunter Creek as a “vacation” home before making the decision to move here permanently. A decision they have never regretted.

“The sheer, natural beauty of the Rim Country is high on the list of why we chose the area to build our retirement home, but it is not the only reason. We have lived in places around the country from the east coast to the Midwest and have never found any location that has it all for this period of our life. The weather is near perfect with a mild set of seasonal changes, but no extremes. The area is remote in some respects, but it’s easy to avail oneself to big city attributes found two hours away in Phoenix, as well as to the natural beauty of a state holding one of the wonders of the world; the Grand Canyon. And if that isn’t enough, resting or waking to the beautiful sunrises and settings as we watch and hear the wildlife, such as elk, birds, wild turkey and the sometime bubbling stream behind our home, is awe inspiring. I could go on about the area and all of what drove us to semi-retire here and what keeps us here, but suffice it to say the area, environment and people can’t be matched.” Peggy writes. “I can’t think of a single thing that I don’t like about the area. One could complain about traveling 30 minutes to get to a store but we plan our needs carefully and get what we need when we go to Phoenix or Payson. And of course for the emergency needs, the Tall Pine’s Market is two minutes away and has always been able to fill those needs. Although this is not a dislike, it is a concern. We worry about forest fires. We love to see it rain to help mitigate risk of fires, but also worry about folks who aren’t careful with campfires, etc. which could cause our beautiful forests to be destroyed.”

Besides writing Peggy enjoys reading, wood craft painting and relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the wondrous area in which she and Bill live. Much of their enjoyment also comes with family gatherings, spending time with dear friends and surrounding themselves with their beautiful grandchildren.

Marilyn Salomon has spent 35 years as a professional artist. Her medium of choice is the ancient craft of batik. Working primarily on china silk, Marilyn uses hot wax and dye to create intricate works of art. Her work has been widely exhibited and she has lectured and led workshops on batik at universities, museums, and national conferences. Marilyn was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan and moved to Southern California when very young. She lived in California until she and her husband, Chuck, moved to Arizona in 1999.

The Salomon’s dream was always to live in the mountains and to build their own home. After visiting a childhood friend of Chuck’s in Hunter Creek, AZ they fell in love with the area. They now enjoy their dream to the fullest.

Marilyn’s interests also include Yoga, hiking and looking for petroglyphs, reading, fishing with her husband, and getting together with the neighbors. She loves getting up in the morning, gardening, smelling the sweet air and watching birds as well as the sheer magnificence and beauty of Rim Country. She is grateful to be living in nature, in an extraordinarily stunning area and to have found people that she truly loves here. Marilyn feels blessed that she has an artistic gift she can share with others and still feel passionate about. Learn more about Marilyn and her art at

James M. Hagen is a self-taught fine artist whose interests include stained glass, creative writing and poetry as well as painting.

Jim first visited the Rim Country in 1938 as a boy scout at Camp Geronimo and has owned a cabin in this area since 1957. After residing in Phoenix and California for many years, Jim retired from work as an aerospace engineer and moved to Christopher Creek full time in 1995.

Jim reveres this as God’s Country but is concerned about the health of our local forest. Concerned as well about our country and our people, Jim is a warm hearted, loving fellow who works hard and plays hard. Visit his website at to view Jim’s artwork, read more about him and his artist wife, Marlene.